Pokemon Go Statistics (September 2016)

Project Two: Design Brief

Title and Research Question:

“Pokemon Go or No”….How many people downloaded the game on the first day? How many people still play the game? How much money has the game made so far/per day? And various other statistics.

General Introduction:

For project 2, I am doing a case study on the app Pokemon GO. I want to compare how well it is doing now to how well it did when it first released. I also want to investigate how well it is doing compared to other popular apps such as tinder or twitter.


I think that I might have some problems finding dependable statistics that I can use because this app came out not too long ago and there might not be that many stats available.

Analysis and Conclusion:

The goal of this project is for me to learn how to do more in depth academic research on topics that aren’t necessarily academic. I want to increase my research skills. I also just want to learn more about why this app is so popular. I think that all of my questions are going to be answered and we will see how well this app is doing.

Data Sets, Variables, Measurements Utilized:

My demographic is the players of this game. I can ask who played it, and what age they are. Since Pokemon was popular in the 90’s, is the game more popular with millennials or with children? Geographics also come into play. Pokemon Go wasn’t released on the same day in every country, so that might throw off the statistics a little bit.

Infographic Inspiration

These are the infographs that I am finding my inspiration from. I think I want my inphographic to be a case study because I like the look of the side by side comparison. I also like the color palette in the middle and bottom right graphics and want to use a similar one.