Design Event Report

For my event report, I chose to go to an AIGA discussion about typography. It was part of their Speaker Series where they invite up-and-coming designers to come and talk about their experience in the design profession. The event was held on September 22nd at the Denver Art Museum and attendees had to pay a specific fee depending on their relation to the AIGA organization. Since I am not a member of the group but am a current design student, I only had to pay $15 which was only a small fee for everything that was included.

For this specific talk, they invited typographer James Edmondson to share what he has been working on lately. This was probably the most fun event I have been to not only because I was able to learn about typography (which I love), but because James is one of the best speakers I have ever had the honor of listening to. He was so down to earth and super hilarious. It felt like he was talking more to a group of friends than to a group of random strangers listening to his stories. I really enjoyed the fact that he is a young designer who is making his name known through the use of typography. Because he is a younger person, his take on design was still fresh. It makes me a little less nervous to know that the future of design is in the hands of people like him. People who want to explore new ways of expressing ideas. People who aren’t afraid to mess up and learn from their mistakes. People who make something just for fun and then turn it into something amazing. The most important thing I took away from this event was that typography can be fun. Yes, there are times when certain fonts are inappropriate to use but there are other times when using a fun font should be encouraged.

He said that he still has no idea what the hell he is doing but he is loving every minute of the uncertainty because it keeps him on his toes which I feel is something a lot of designers can relate to at least once in their lives. He is passionate about what he does and his drive was extremely evident in his speech. He has created several new typefaces and has worked for big name clients such as Facebook and the Society of Publication Designers. He is also a contributor to a pay-what-you-can font foundry named Lost Type.

The topic of typography relates to what we as young designers have been learning in class in a huge way. We have talked a lot about fonts and choosing the right one for our projects. We have talked about marrying fonts and making sure they go well together. I found our discussion of these things really helpful and insightful when it came to attending this event because it helped me understand what he was talking about a little more. Typography is such an enormous part of the design world and it’s our responsibility as designers to help educate the world about it just like James Edmondson is doing.




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